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Go Green And Save Money at your Machine Shop

Going Green to Save Money at your Machine Shop

Many machine shop owners are looking for new ways to save on their overhead while also protecting the environment. One way they are doing this is by going Green. Any environmental harm that is caused by producing carbon dioxide is commonly referred to as a “carbon footprint.”

However, going green is not about reducing carbon footprint alone. It is also about embracing an overall sustainable methodology that preserves the environment. Saving money is an additional benefit. Therefore, an emphasis needs to be placed on using clean and renewable sources of energy while also handling the emissions.

Most folks wonder what are the best ways for a machine shop to go green. Below are some of the ways that a metal shop or a machine shop can minimize their impact on the environment while reducing their overhead in the end.

Geothermal Cooling and Heating

There are many places in the country where this is not only practical, but also well worth the investment. Geothermal heat pumps will transfer the heat or cooling between the ground and the machine shop through a series of underground pipes. When the unit is in heating mode, the heat is absorbed from the ground and then pumped into the shop. When the unit is in cooling mode, the heat is pumped out of the shop and then released into the ground. The system uses far less electricity when compared to a conventional system.

In addition, there are rebates.

Download Federal Energy Tax Credits for Machine Shop Geothermal Systems.

Alternate Green Power Generation

Solar has exploded in growth recently due to the rapid advancements in design and manufacturing. The systems are more affordable, more powerful, and they last longer.

For rebates and more information see the website

Smaller savings can add up too. A machine Shop can be equipped with:

Motion sensors
Fluorescent lighting
Energy efficient doors
New Windows
Low flush toilets
A hybrid company car
Energy efficient dishwasher
Recycled paper

Yes, a Machine Shop can go green today and save money while also protecting the environment. In the end, the initial cost will pay for itself. Go Green And Save Money at your Machine Shop!

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