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Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company Enhances Precision for 2012

Hudson, NH (PRWEB) November 19, 2011

Having provided metal fabrication services for a number of large-scale projects over the past year, Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company (GMFCO) has once again announced initiatives to make metal fabrication greener and more effective for customers and industries across the country.

“When you’re involved with any large project, many times when you finish you’ll think about all the things you could have done better, how things might have been made easier, and where you can improve,” says GMFCO President, Jack Gilchrist. “With metal fabrication it’s no different, and I think a constant drive to improve is one of the reasons we’ve stayed strong over the years, despite what the economy has been doing.”

In the past, Gilchrist switched his metal fabrication company to a green metal fabrication company powered by wind credits. He explains, “we didn’t do that to save money or cut back, but to make sure we could do things better, while making room for more improvements in the future.”

According to Gilchrist, the “future” he referred to then, is now. The Hudson, NH based metal fabrication company will soon be graced by even more improved equipment, refined metal fabrication processes, broader stainless steel fabrication capabilities, and an even greater influence on quality control.

Regarding the metal fabrication company’s continued drive to improve and enhance its operation, Gilchrist says, “You can’t use the economy as an excuse. We’ve always told our clients that our goal is to deliver industry leading results, and we can’t continue to do that if we don’t consistently improve.”

GMFCO regularly provides services such as stainless steel fabrication and metal fabrication to deliver the intricately machined and fabricated parts needed by customers across the country for industries ranging from architectural design and power generation to the commercial and marine industries. With initiatives to improve in place for 2012, Gilchrist remarks, “We’ve always loved a challenge, and by improving our metal fabrication capabilities even more we can meet those challenges on an even higher level.”

Based in Hudson, New Hampshire Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company opened its doors in 1975 and, according to Gilchrist, continues to look for more ways to make every aspect of business “better”.

From adopting green manufacturing methods to constantly streamlining metal fabrication processes, Gilchrist explains that GMFCO continues to move forward within the industry. For more information, please visit their website at, email or call GMFCO at 603.889.2600



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