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Reinforcing-Iron Worker Career

Reinforcing-Iron Worker Career

One of the most promising careers in the metal shop industry today is the Reinforcing-Iron Workers position.

They install steel bars, rods, and wire mesh, within the carpenter’s concrete form work.  This is to give adequate strength to various types of concrete walls and floors. However, their job also includes highways, bridges, and other structures. The work is hard but the pay is rewarding.

The JOB DUTIES of the Reinforcing-Iron Worker could include any of the following:

Determine the number, sizes, shapes, and locations of reinforcing material from blueprints, sketches, or oral instruction.

Cut the rods to the required lengths using special metal shears, hack saws and bar cutters. Sometimes the cutting requires the use of acetylene torches.

Bend the steel rods using special hand tools and bending machines. Then, weld them together using arc-welding machines made for the industry.

Select the proper reinforcing material to be used to ensure public safety

Set all of the reinforcing materials into the forms per the engineering specifications. 

Secure the material together using special wire, or when necessary, by using welding methods of reinforcing the materials together.

Ensure that all the reinforcing metal shop materials are in their proper position so that it can handle the intended structural loads.

Attach all the reinforcing materials to the required supports within the concrete form. This is to keep it from moving when the concrete is poured.

The Machines, equipment and hand tools they may use include:

Metal Fasteners


Rod bending machines

Wood or metal support material

Bar cutters

Steel rods, steel bars and wire mesh

Tape measures

Acetylene torches

Blueprints and sketches

Arc-welding equipment

Hand tools for cutting metal shop materials, ladders, and scaffolds

Hammers, pliers, hack saws and levels

Safety belts and gear

Career SPECIALTIES for the Reinforcing-Iron Worker

Reinforcing-Iron Workers start out as a Helper in a metal shop. They will place the necessary supports into the concrete forms according to the mechanic’s instructions. They will also do the grunt work like carry the reinforcing material to the work area and assisting the mechanic putting in place.

From their they can become a journey-level worker. They will learn all aspects of the trade and decide which area they want to specialize in. For instance, they can specialize in only bridges and large structures for training.

The salary range is from 39.83 an hour up to 51.36 for an experienced metal worker.

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