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Metal Shop Fire Prevention

Ohio Metal Shop Fire Prevention

Metal fabrication shops seldom consider a fire happening at their business. This is understandable because in most cases the building is usually metal and the core materials they work with do not burn. However, fires can and do happen at metal shops. For instance, a fire recently destroyed Metal Shop in Colorado

The truth is, most firefighters are concerned about explosions and the toxic chemical smoke that can being released in the air during a metal shop fire. In addition, metal shops typically use assorted gases for cutting and shaping the metal. All these have extremely flammable properties. Oily rags, solvents, cutting oils and other flammable solutions, all have the potential to create very hazardous smoke and fire –especially when combined with bad wiring.

Therefore, fabrication shop owners need to stay alert to the causes of fire at their business. Fire safety is something they should not overlook no matter how busy they are. With all the oils, gases, and chemicals in and around their business even a simple flare-up can turn into a dangerous, deadly, and costly blaze, in just moments. Workers can suffer debilitation injuries that can be costly or even life threatening.

The best way to incorporate fire safety rules into your business is to include them with your other safety guidelines. Then, have employees learn them and be aware of just how easily one small spark can cause a really big fire.

Below are some Metal Shop Fire Prevention suggestions that you can consider for your business.

  • 1910 Subpart A – General
  • 1910 Subpart B – Adoption and Extension of Established Federal Standards
  • 1910 Subpart C – Adoption and Extension of Established Federal Standards
  • 1910 Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces
  • 1910 Subpart E – Means of Egress
  • 1910 Subpart F – Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms
  • 1910 Subpart G – Occupational Health and Environmental Control
  • 1910 Subpart H – Hazardous Materials
  • 1910 Subpart I – Personal Protective Equipment
  • 1910 Subpart J – General Environmental Controls
  • 1910 Subpart K – Medical and First Aid
  • 1910 Subpart L – Fire Protection
  • 1910 Subpart M – Compressed Gas and Compressed Air Equipment
  • 1910 Subpart N – Materials Handling and Storage
  • 1910 Subpart O – Machinery and Machine Guarding
  • 1910 Subpart P – Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Hand-Held Equipment
  • 1910 Subpart Q – Welding, Cutting, and Brazing
  • 1910 Subpart R – Special Industries
  • 1910 Subpart S – Electrical
  • 1910 Subpart T – Commercial Diving Operations
  • 1910 Subpart U – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart V – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart W – Program Standard
  • 1910 Subpart X – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart Y – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart Z – Toxic and Hazardous Substances
  • A good Metal Shop Fire Prevention program can also help shop owners lower their insurance. To find out more about how you can save up to 37 and a half percent on your metal shop insurance use the more information box at the top right.

    CNC Shop Training in Ohio

    CNC Shop Training in Ohio

    Ohio is finding ways to beat the tough economy. One philosophy is to produce their way out of the current recession. CNC training in Akron is taking the idea to a new level. Their training cost about a third of the amount of tuition at a school, and, the employees are receiving quality instruction in math, computer software, and safe operation. These skills are necessary today because the machines are more complex and the tolerances are greater.

    SC Manufacturing is located in Akron, Ohio. However, SC Mfg is not only a machine shop it is also a school. They have reconfigured their floor space to accommodate students looking for CNC training in Akron and the Ohio area. While attending, students will learn about all types of machining, milling, boring, drill, and tap, as well as turning, welding, and assembly. They will use small, medium, and large machines and all types of metal and materials.

    Check out this news video on their metal shop training.

    CNC shop owners now have something to be excited about. Employees can be trained at a fraction of the price of regular tuition. In addition, they can now save up to 37.5 percent on their metal shop insurance today by clicking the more information button at the top right.

    CNC Shop owners that want to train new employees or retrain existing ones should contact Gene at 330-784-3151. His SC Mfg and milling company offers the best and most affordable CNC Shop Training in Ohio.

    Go Green And Save Money at your Machine Shop

    Going Green to Save Money at your Machine Shop

    Many machine shop owners are looking for new ways to save on their overhead while also protecting the environment. One way they are doing this is by going Green. Any environmental harm that is caused by producing carbon dioxide is commonly referred to as a “carbon footprint.”

    However, going green is not about reducing carbon footprint alone. It is also about embracing an overall sustainable methodology that preserves the environment. Saving money is an additional benefit. Therefore, an emphasis needs to be placed on using clean and renewable sources of energy while also handling the emissions.

    Most folks wonder what are the best ways for a machine shop to go green. Below are some of the ways that a metal shop or a machine shop can minimize their impact on the environment while reducing their overhead in the end.

    Geothermal Cooling and Heating

    There are many places in the country where this is not only practical, but also well worth the investment. Geothermal heat pumps will transfer the heat or cooling between the ground and the machine shop through a series of underground pipes. When the unit is in heating mode, the heat is absorbed from the ground and then pumped into the shop. When the unit is in cooling mode, the heat is pumped out of the shop and then released into the ground. The system uses far less electricity when compared to a conventional system.

    In addition, there are rebates.

    Download Federal Energy Tax Credits for Machine Shop Geothermal Systems.

    Alternate Green Power Generation

    Solar has exploded in growth recently due to the rapid advancements in design and manufacturing. The systems are more affordable, more powerful, and they last longer.

    For rebates and more information see the website

    Smaller savings can add up too. A machine Shop can be equipped with:

    Motion sensors
    Fluorescent lighting
    Energy efficient doors
    New Windows
    Low flush toilets
    A hybrid company car
    Energy efficient dishwasher
    Recycled paper

    Yes, a Machine Shop can go green today and save money while also protecting the environment. In the end, the initial cost will pay for itself. Go Green And Save Money at your Machine Shop!

    Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio

    Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio

    Machine shops are the backbone of the fabrication industry. They keep America moving while also providing some of the most superior original parts available for the construction and manufacturing industries. The machinists have to work with unimaginable tolerances every day. They do this using highly specialized CNC cutting equipment. These are a few of the reasons why a Machine Shop in Ohio needs the very best insurance products available to them at all times. In fact, shop owners demand the best Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio.

    They make this demand because creating custom parts and accessories is an exacting task that requires some highly specialized devices. The people that operate these devices have to go through a rigorous training program. Even the computer generated drawings and shop plans will use new expensive CAD programs that are state of the art in computer science.

    All of this special equipment needs to be insured against a myriad of things that can happen. That is why the folks at Janasko Insurance agency have put together a team of experts specifically trained to help insure today’s modern Machine Shop find Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio.

    For instance, if the machine shop does a lot of CNC cutting to make custom parts they can have their insurance match the work being done in the shop. There is no need to pay for insurance that covers CNC milling of expensive metallic alloys if the shop makes most of their parts using steel. This saves the shop owner a lot of money on their cover.

    Likewise, if a shop makes plastic injection molding only they can have their indemnity written to cover them for that specific task. After all, there is no need to pay insurance to do CNC milling of steel when the company primarily works with plastics to make plastic injection molding. In addition, if the company uses laser-cutting devices they may see some further discounts on their other forms of insurance.

    CNC Shop insurance is now more affordable now thanks to these unique policies that have been assembled just for them. They target the exact coverage that a CNC machine shop needs. This saves the metal shop owner money and helps them to lower their overhead.

    Why not use the More Information button located at the top right to find out how your machine shop can qualify for a 37.5 percent discount on its Machine Shop Insurance in Ohio. Only the very best companies will qualify and the openings are limited. Therefore, it is best to act now.

    AMSN Helps Sheet Metal Fabrication Shops Connect with Customers Nationwide

    Dover, DE, September 01, 2011 –(– Now that Irene has gone and passed, leaving its mark on the summer of 2011, hundreds of companies down and up the East Coast have closed its doors for the day this Monday morning. One company that remained open for business during and after the storm is the American Machine Shops Network as it continues to help bring work to US-based jobbing shops and specialized manufacturers nationwide. Today AMSN introduced its new Delaware Machine Shops Directory at with offers from machining and fabricating specialists serving Wilmington, Middletown, Georgetown, Seaford, Dover, Elsmere, New Castle, Milford, Newark, Smyrna and other cities in the First State as well as markets across the country.

    Companies in Delaware and nationwide can get quotes from qualified and approved machine shops registered on AMSN free-of-charge at

    The American Machine Shops Network also offers SEO and online marketing solutions to help jobbing shops get work at

    According to AMSN, the company added over 70 vendors this week to its 1,000+ machine shop network specializing in metal fabrication, CNC precision Swiss-type machining, sheet metal fabrication, plastic metal fabricators, CNC turning milling, CNC Manual O.D. grinding, precision machining, hard turning, automatic stroke manual honing and other custom manufacturing solutions., which founded AMSN to help bring jobs to small and medium size contract manufacturers in the United States said many of the vendors profiled on the site are ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:B certified serving a variety of industries such as aerospace/aircraft, construction, agricultural, electronic, telecommunications, general industrial, automotive, machine tool, medical, high-tech and other markets.

    “Although a small state, Delaware has its share of world class manufacturers specializing in metal fabrication, machined parts components, foundry castings, CNC milling turning, CNC precision machining, sheet metal work and other specialized services for a wide range of industries,” said Mike Browne, spokesperson for the American Machine Shops Network. He added, “AMSN invites companies all over the state from Smyrna, Newark, Milford, New Castle and Elsmere to Dover, Seaford, Georgetown, Middletown, Wilmington and all over the first state and across the entire as well as worldwide to submit an RFQ (request for quote) to vendors approved by and registered on AMSN.” Browne went on to say the American Machine Shops Network is creating jobs for Americans every day by keeping work in the United States and welcomes webmasters nationwide to join them in their cause by linking to a title=MFGpartners>

    About The Company is home of the American Machine Shops Network (AMSN). The company specializes in promoting US-based manufacturers of machined parts and components as well as other custom manufacturers. AMSN is designed to help companies, inventors, engineers and others find the most suitable machine shop offering a variety of CNC machining, fabrication, prototyping, foundry casting and other contract manufacturing solutions. AMSN also owns, the leading custom manufacturing marketplace.

    This news release was distributed by


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    Insurance For CNC Machine Shop Ohio

    Affordable Insurance For CNC Machine Shop Ohio

    Finding insurance for CNC machine shop Ohio has gotten easier today. The expert staff at Janasko Insurance agency has assembled some of the best insurance products available just for CNC shops. These novel policies take into consideration the special needs that are faced by the CNC industry.

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