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CNC Shop Training in Ohio

CNC Shop Training in Ohio

Ohio is finding ways to beat the tough economy. One philosophy is to produce their way out of the current recession. CNC training in Akron is taking the idea to a new level. Their training cost about a third of the amount of tuition at a school, and, the employees are receiving quality instruction in math, computer software, and safe operation. These skills are necessary today because the machines are more complex and the tolerances are greater.

SC Manufacturing is located in Akron, Ohio. However, SC Mfg is not only a machine shop it is also a school. They have reconfigured their floor space to accommodate students looking for CNC training in Akron and the Ohio area. While attending, students will learn about all types of machining, milling, boring, drill, and tap, as well as turning, welding, and assembly. They will use small, medium, and large machines and all types of metal and materials.

Check out this news video on their metal shop training.

CNC shop owners now have something to be excited about. Employees can be trained at a fraction of the price of regular tuition. In addition, they can now save up to 37.5 percent on their metal shop insurance today by clicking the more information button at the top right.

CNC Shop owners that want to train new employees or retrain existing ones should contact Gene at 330-784-3151. His SC Mfg and milling company offers the best and most affordable CNC Shop Training in Ohio.

HTP Stud Gun Demonstration

Nathan Newberry demonstrates how to use the HTP Stud Gun

Watch this exciting new metal shop method for removing dents.HTP Stud Gun DemonstrationBack in the day, we could pull dents out by drilling some holes in the metal panels and then yanking them out with a slide hammer. Sometimes we could use a metal shop bench vice to hold the material. However, nowadays we have tools like the HTP Stud Setter. This tool will allow you pull out the dents without leaving any holes.

Moreover, you can shrink the metal and install trim studs using the same tool. Watch expert Nathan Newberry go through the entire process of fixing some dings in a hood using the HTP tool.

Attention metal shop owners. While you are here be sure to get your free gift and find out how you can save up to 37.5 percent on your metal shop insurance. All you have to do is use the More Information button on the top left.