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Employee-Owned Rex-Cut Reaffirms Focus on Non-Woven Cotton Fiber Abrasives

Rex Cut Products, Inc. announced a strategic rebranding commitment
to build their cotton fiber abrasives product line. The firm has been
manufacturing non-woven cotton fiber abrasive products since the
1920s and provides a broad product line which is sold worldwide.

Rex-Cut(R) Abrasives is going to be the new name of the company which
makes a complete line of cotton reinforced products including Type 1
straight sided abrasive wheels, Type 27 depressed center wheels,
mounted points and wheels, and hand finishing sticks. Capable of
grinding, blending, deburing, and finishing in one operation, they
expose fresh abrasives as they work and provide smooth, chatter-free

Employee owned 100% since 2008, Rex-Cut(R) Abrasives grinding and
finishing products are made in America and used in stainless steel,
mild steel, aluminum, and exotic metals fabrication in a wide range
of industries. According to Bob Costa, VP, “Changing from Rex-Cut
Products to Rex-Cut(R) Abrasives is more than simply a new brand
name. It also includes more than $100,000.00 of investments in
equipment to continue our market leadership.”

Rex-Cut(R) Abrasives has an extensive catalog and gladly provides

About Rex-Cut Abrasives

Rex-Cut Abrasives is the oldest manufacturer of cotton fiber abrasive
grinding and finishing products in the world. Since the early 1920s,
they have been manufacturing a non-woven cotton fabric that is
impregnated with abrasive grit and then pressed and formed into
various shapes. These specialty abrasive products constantly reveal
fresh abrasives as they work and typically reduce finishing steps.

In 2008, Rex-Cut became 100% employee-owned, a loyal and experienced
team who has a true interest in the continued success of the company.
Rex-Cut offers a broad line of reinforced nonwoven cotton fiber
abrasive products for a wide range of grinding, deburring, blending,
and finishing operations on stainless steel, exotic alloys, aluminum,
other metals, fiberglass and certain composites.

Rex-Cut abrasive products excel in metal removal, weld blending,
deburring, and finishing of various metal surfaces — particularly
stainless steel, aluminum, and exotics. Applications include all
types of industrial, welding and metal fabrication.

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        For more information contact:
        Rex-Cut Abrasives
        Robert B. Costa
        VP Sales
        960 Airport Rd. / P.O. Box 2109
        Fall River, MA 02722
        (800) 225-8182
        FAX (800) 638-8501

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