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Metal Shop Insurance

Insurance for metal shop

Metal Shop Fire Prevention

Ohio Metal Shop Fire Prevention

Metal fabrication shops seldom consider a fire happening at their business. This is understandable because in most cases the building is usually metal and the core materials they work with do not burn. However, fires can and do happen at metal shops. For instance, a fire recently destroyed Metal Shop in Colorado

The truth is, most firefighters are concerned about explosions and the toxic chemical smoke that can being released in the air during a metal shop fire. In addition, metal shops typically use assorted gases for cutting and shaping the metal. All these have extremely flammable properties. Oily rags, solvents, cutting oils and other flammable solutions, all have the potential to create very hazardous smoke and fire –especially when combined with bad wiring.

Therefore, fabrication shop owners need to stay alert to the causes of fire at their business. Fire safety is something they should not overlook no matter how busy they are. With all the oils, gases, and chemicals in and around their business even a simple flare-up can turn into a dangerous, deadly, and costly blaze, in just moments. Workers can suffer debilitation injuries that can be costly or even life threatening.

The best way to incorporate fire safety rules into your business is to include them with your other safety guidelines. Then, have employees learn them and be aware of just how easily one small spark can cause a really big fire.

Below are some Metal Shop Fire Prevention suggestions that you can consider for your business.

  • 1910 Subpart A – General
  • 1910 Subpart B – Adoption and Extension of Established Federal Standards
  • 1910 Subpart C – Adoption and Extension of Established Federal Standards
  • 1910 Subpart D – Walking-Working Surfaces
  • 1910 Subpart E – Means of Egress
  • 1910 Subpart F – Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms
  • 1910 Subpart G – Occupational Health and Environmental Control
  • 1910 Subpart H – Hazardous Materials
  • 1910 Subpart I – Personal Protective Equipment
  • 1910 Subpart J – General Environmental Controls
  • 1910 Subpart K – Medical and First Aid
  • 1910 Subpart L – Fire Protection
  • 1910 Subpart M – Compressed Gas and Compressed Air Equipment
  • 1910 Subpart N – Materials Handling and Storage
  • 1910 Subpart O – Machinery and Machine Guarding
  • 1910 Subpart P – Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Hand-Held Equipment
  • 1910 Subpart Q – Welding, Cutting, and Brazing
  • 1910 Subpart R – Special Industries
  • 1910 Subpart S – Electrical
  • 1910 Subpart T – Commercial Diving Operations
  • 1910 Subpart U – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart V – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart W – Program Standard
  • 1910 Subpart X – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart Y – [Reserved]
  • 1910 Subpart Z – Toxic and Hazardous Substances
  • A good Metal Shop Fire Prevention program can also help shop owners lower their insurance. To find out more about how you can save up to 37 and a half percent on your metal shop insurance use the more information box at the top right.

    Metal Works Insurance

    Metal Works Insurance For Making Custom Jewelry And Furniture

    Some metal shop proprietors believe that old fashion metal works is out-of-date, but these days it is gaining a new acceptance by the younger workers. More and more metalworkers are growing an interest in the old fashion metal works of years gone by for good reason. With the use of straightforward metal shop hand tools, shop owners can take pleasure in producing exceptional metal works, like pieces of jewelry, or custom furniture. Before starting however, be sure to have good metal works insurance on hand.

    All of this fine craftsmanship of yesteryear takes skill and technique. It requires a lot of time too. However, with a bit of persistence, the right equipment, and some know-how, one can produce metalworks and fine jewelry that may well last for centuries, just like the types created by expert metal artisans many hundred of years ago.

    Today’s metal shop workers certainly acknowledge and understand the old works of art. They stop and stare to appreciate the craftsmanship involved in making such remarkable pieces of handmade iron and precious metal works.

    Many of the old style bent and shaped iron layouts are frequently used as inspiration for novel design concepts today. Modern metal artisans will use the old concepts to incorporate into their contemporary designs so that their work fits today’s customers. They replicate the old style methods in garden set ups, in outdoor furniture, for household items, and other custom-made iron and metal works so that customers will be more than willing pay for their products and to insure them like an heirloom for the future.

    Workers of Metal a millennia ago did not have the benefit of arc welders or modern CNC tools to help them craft their fine works of art. Their creations were pieced together by hand. They would use special techniques and strategies to attach their metalwork together. This kind of skill is the reason why such works are still in good repair today –even after a hundred years. Modern metalworkers are learning these old techniques to make their work more valuable.

    Today’s metalworks is also the combined art of creating and coloring patinas on different kinds of metals to achieve unique effects, and chemical etching of designs onto copper and brass. The works are expensive, which is why having metalwork insurance is a good idea today.

    If you are fascinated with metal working, whether as a hobby or as a profession, take the time to educate yourself in the old techniques and endeavor to reconstruct the decorative metal works of the masters over a hundred years ago. To learn more about metal works insurance simply use the More Information on the top right.

    Metal Shop Metal Alloy Helps To Lower Insurance Costs And Save Lives


    New Metal Shop Alloy Helps To Lower Insurance Costs And Save Lives.

    Metal Shop workers will often select between products that are solid and those that are bendable. However, they will rarely use a material that has both elements in large quantity. This fact may change now since research workers are attempting to alter metal by developing “shape metal” alloys. These new alloys are tough enough to handle high levels of stress, but bendable enough to return to their initial shape when heat is applied. The possibilities are endless. This new material can be used for everything from new medical devices to helping Metal shop owners to lower insurance costs.

    Yuuki Tanaka at Japan’s Tohoku University explained in Science magazine that they have revealed an iron-based metal alloy that exhibits an almost total recovery of its shape even when subjected to virtually double the stress levels. Researchers report their new alloy’s strength is comparable with that of high-strength industry alloys.

    Super elasticity is the word used to describe the significant property exhibited by these new form memory alloys. If strain is removed from the product and a specific amount of heat is applied, it recovers its original shape.

    Most Metal Shop workers find this material to be an exciting advancement for their industry.

    The alloy’s tension level is approximately twice that for the shape memory alloy nickel-titanium, which suggests it may be formed into very thin wire. At this time, the nickel-titanium alloy is a common super elastic alloy intended for workable use. Super elastic properties produce a shape memory alloy perfect for malign stents to parts within the body like the heart since they might expand with a wider diameter when warmed by body temperatures Stents are tubes that are surgically implanted in blood vessels to circumvent them from collapsing.

    One of the engineers, T. Omori, said stents are presently made using nickel titanium wire, but the diameter is simply too thick to permit it to be installed in the brain. This new iron super alloy may very well be made thin enough for brain stents.


    Omori claims the elastic iron will have other uses too, such as building in an earthquake zone where materials need to be both strong and flexible. The buildings are deformed in the course of an earthquake, however the new iron alloy’s ability to remember means the building can be repaired and brought back to its original shape. This will help to lower insurance costs.

    Other potential uses for this marvelous super elastic alloy include blast protection, noise reduction, and vibration isolation. These advancements will also help companies and metal shops to lower insurance costs.

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    Find Insurance For Plating And Anodizing Company

    Insurance For Plating And Anodizing Company

    When you need insurance for plating and anodizing company in Ohio turn to the professionals at Janasko Insurance. Their staff specializes in all types of metal shop insurance, so they know the special needs of an Electroplating shop. This means they can save their clients money the very first year. In many cases the client can save up to 37% on their insurance bill right away. This is an extraordinary savings that is reserved for only the best shops.

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    Everyone is looking to save money these days. Electroplating shop owners are no different. Like other businesses, they realize the importance of cutting costs. However, they do not want to sacrifice quality. Now they don’t have to when they have a specially crafted insurance policy that provides maximum protection at the lowest cost.

    Even shops that do Decorative metal works and other tasks can get in on the savings. For instance, some times a shop may perform a second service. They may do Electroplating and Metal stamping under one roof. Whatever the situation is, a shop owner can get a policy that covers their specific needs while not covering the tasks they do not perform. The staff at Janasko knows how to design these types of custom policies to save their clients money. This effort is what has saved many shop owners thousands of dollars over the years.

    To discover more about this extraordinary new insurance plan click the More Information button located at the top right. You will also get a free gift, the Circle of Safety Books. These were written just for our clients to help them save money on all types of insurance.

    Shop that are taking advantage of these savings will typically do Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Palladium Plating, Nickel Plating Tin or Lead Plating, Rhodium Plating and Chrome Plating.

    When you need insurance for plating and anodizing company in Ohio, trust the Janasko name. We are here to serve our clients and to help them save money on the best metal shop insurance in the industry. It only takes a moment to fill out the form to start saving. Or, you can call us at the number above. We look forward to serving you and your business for many years.

    Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio

    Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio

    Machine shops are the backbone of the fabrication industry. They keep America moving while also providing some of the most superior original parts available for the construction and manufacturing industries. The machinists have to work with unimaginable tolerances every day. They do this using highly specialized CNC cutting equipment. These are a few of the reasons why a Machine Shop in Ohio needs the very best insurance products available to them at all times. In fact, shop owners demand the best Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio.

    They make this demand because creating custom parts and accessories is an exacting task that requires some highly specialized devices. The people that operate these devices have to go through a rigorous training program. Even the computer generated drawings and shop plans will use new expensive CAD programs that are state of the art in computer science.

    All of this special equipment needs to be insured against a myriad of things that can happen. That is why the folks at Janasko Insurance agency have put together a team of experts specifically trained to help insure today’s modern Machine Shop find Machine Shop Insurance In Ohio.

    For instance, if the machine shop does a lot of CNC cutting to make custom parts they can have their insurance match the work being done in the shop. There is no need to pay for insurance that covers CNC milling of expensive metallic alloys if the shop makes most of their parts using steel. This saves the shop owner a lot of money on their cover.

    Likewise, if a shop makes plastic injection molding only they can have their indemnity written to cover them for that specific task. After all, there is no need to pay insurance to do CNC milling of steel when the company primarily works with plastics to make plastic injection molding. In addition, if the company uses laser-cutting devices they may see some further discounts on their other forms of insurance.

    CNC Shop insurance is now more affordable now thanks to these unique policies that have been assembled just for them. They target the exact coverage that a CNC machine shop needs. This saves the metal shop owner money and helps them to lower their overhead.

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    Insurance For CNC Machine Shop Ohio

    Affordable Insurance For CNC Machine Shop Ohio

    Finding insurance for CNC machine shop Ohio has gotten easier today. The expert staff at Janasko Insurance agency has assembled some of the best insurance products available just for CNC shops. These novel policies take into consideration the special needs that are faced by the CNC industry.

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    Yes! You CAN have affordable Insurance For CNC Machine Shop Ohio.

    Find Sheet Metal Shop Insurance Ohio

    Find The Best Sheet Metal Shop Insurance

    One of the most useful items in the construction industry today is sheet metal. This material is used to make everything from air conditioning ductwork to exterior door skins, and even roofs. Most modern roofers will use sheet metal to make the flashing for their valleys and chimneys. Truly, the sheet metal shop of today plays an important roll in shaping the building industry. The work is hard and sometimes dangerous, which is why finding the best sheet metal shop insurance is so important to the shop owner.

    There are many types of sheet metal materials in use today. A local shop will have all of the tools necessary tools to work with the most common alloys. For instance, aluminum is the most popular material in use these days. Shop personnel will flatten the bulk metal into sheets and rolls to be used in the field.

    Then, someone like a vinyl siding mechanic can take the sheets or rolls and bend them into the various pieces they need to go around the windows and doorframes. Sometimes they will use galvanized materials as a substitution. Anywhere an alloy is exposed to the weather is a good place to use galvanized or aluminum.

    Nevertheless, what most folks do not realize is that metal shops will sometimes handle precious metals. Special metals such as platinum, silver, and gold are also shaped by the metalworker in a sheet alloy shop. They will make thin sheets of these expensive products to be used in a variety of industries. This is another reason why the shop should have affordable sheet metal shop insurance.

    Finding the best sheet metal shop insurance is easy to do today. Highly trained agents understand the special needs of a modern mainsheet metallic business. If their shop only fabricates products for the home industry, they can have insurance that is specifically crafted just for that.

    Alternatively, if the shop also handles precious metals their requirements may be a bit more. They may need a higher level of protection against things like robbery or burglary. Whatever the special requirements are, the folks at Janasko Insurance can find affordable sheet metal shop insurance for their clients in Ohio.

    Right now a shop owner can easily save up to 37.5 percent off their shop insurance now. This huge discount is reserved for the very best shop owners. All they have to do to find out if they qualify is to use the More Information button at the top right. In just under 24 hours they can be saving money on the very best sheet metal shop insurance available in Ohio.