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New Torchmate 4X4 CNC Machine is the Dream Holiday Gift for the Gearhead

/PRNewswire/ — The fall launch of Torchmate’s 4X4 CNC machine has re-arranged the top of every gearhead and four-wheeler’s holiday gift list.

Incredibly affordable for a machine of its size and versatility, the 4X4 supplies off-roaders, engineers, hobbyists and fabricators a lifetime of precise, robotic metal-cutting and plasma-cutting capabilities.

The new system is small enough to be portable, large enough to fabricate medium-sized components, durable enough to be a gift that lasts forever, and technologically advanced enough to impress even the most jaded fabricator.

For just under $5,000 the 4X4 puts highly advanced robotic metal-cutting and fabrication technology within the price range of those who thought that CNC machinery was an unattainable piece of gear set aside for the high-end fabrication and metal working shops.

Outfitted with easy-to-use software, the machine is compatible with CAD and CAM design programs that allow even hobbyists to create chassis and suspension components, cut race numbers, engrave metal and fabricate high-quality metal parts.

Torchmate backs each 4X4 system up with a world-class technical support crew that can walk anyone through the many features of the prototyping software and set-up. Torchmate offers free unlimited technical support for the life of your ownership.

Torchmate’s basic 4X4 CNC Prototyping System package (starts at $4,995)

Three-axis motorized system (2 x-axis drives and 1, y-axis drive and motor)

  • 380 oz. in. motors
  • Torchmate 4×4 Driver Software
  • Relay to turn on and off your plasma torch or other closed circuit tool
  • Water table upgrade available (perfect for dust and airborne particulate control)

About TorchmateTorchmate, a Lincoln Electric company, is headquartered in Reno, Nev. and manufactures custom CNC plasma cutting tables and other automation solutions for manufacturers worldwide. For more than 30 years, whether with a plasma cutter, router, water jet, engraver, glue gun or other tools, Torchmate has provided more options, accessories and innovations than any other CNC cutting table manufacturer. For more information, call toll free at (866) 571-1066 or internationally at (775) 673-2200, or visit the company’s website,

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